All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

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All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

(Summary description)All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

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Understanding IP Ratings 


IP ratings indicate a light bulb's ability to protect against the intrusion of solid objects and moisture . A breakdown of the protection levels required to receive each number rating is summarised as below:


Rating                                       Size of object                                                                       Level Of Protection  

 0                                                                                                         No protection against contact and ingress of objects, or not evaluated 

 1                                         greater than 50 mm in diameter           protection for any large surface of a human body,such as the back of a hand but no protection against                                                                                                                    deliberate contact with a body part 

 2                                          greater than 12.5 mm in diameter                                       protection for fingers or similar objects 

 3                                         greater than 2.5 mm in diameter                                         protection against tools , thick wires, etc. 

 4                                          greater than 1.0 mm in diameter                                       protection against most wires , screws,etc.

 5                                               Dust-proof                                         Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter insufficietn quantity to interfere with the                                                                                                                   satisfactory operation of the equipment;complete protection against contact.

 6                                               Dust-tight                                           No ingress of dust;complete protection against contact 


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