All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

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All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

(Summary description)All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

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Low Ratings 

Lower IP ratings, such as those below 44, are only suitable for indoor use in areas where you don't anticipate a high level of exposure to water or dust, such as a living room or office. Most electrical outlets and equipment around yur home will have an IP rating of 22, which means they are suitable for keeping pets and children from shocking themselves. 


IP ratings between 44 and 65 are acceptable for both indoor and general outdoor use, provided that ehye are in a sheltered location, protected from the elements ,and not directly exposed to water or dust. 


As a general rule, low IP ratings are suitable for :


Indoor use


Inside sealed or sheltered fixtures and locations 



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