All about light bulb beam angles

All about light bulb beam angles

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All about light bulb beam angles

(Summary description)All about light bulb beam angles

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All about light bulb beam angles 


Anything that produces light has a beam angle. 


A beam angle ,sometimes referred to as beam spread, measures how light is distributed from the source of illumination onto a target area.The beam angle specifically refers to any light that falls within 50% of the maximum intensity the bulb is capable of producing. Any light outside of this angle is referred to as the beam field or spill light, which extends until the light has decreased to 10% of the maximum intensity. 

Regardless of the size of the beam angle you select, it is only the intensity of the beam (measured in candelas) that changes, The level of brightness, or lumens, stays the same .


For example, if you take a torch and move it coloser or farther away from a wall, the light changes,The closer you get the more focused or intense the beam of light becomes.When you move the torch farther away from the wall the beam becomes wider, but the level of brightness it produces hasn't chanaged.It's still just as bright, it's simply dispersing the light differently . So, if you wanted a brighter torch, you would need one with a higher lumen value ,not a narrower beam angle. 


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