Production of Ra95 high - color LED bulb

Production of Ra95 high - color LED bulb

  • 2020-07-22
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Production of Ra95 high - color LED bulb

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  • 2020-07-22
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The first method is to directly adopt the LED device of high color rendering Ra95 (the device is the package of red chip and blue chip coated with yellow phosphor). The following are the medical high color RENDERING LED products of OS:


Osram Ra95 high display LED device

Of course, the manufacturing cost of this device is high, and its technology is mainly in the hands of big manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan. It is difficult for us to obtain high-display LED devices.
Method two is to use white LED and red LED to match, this scheme is relatively low cost, packaging technology requirements are not so high, the production of cost-effective bulb lamp more use this method.
Below we use this method to make a 3W high color rendering (Ra95)LED bulb.
We use 3 0.72W positive white light beads and 4 0.12W red light beads. After mixing light in the lampshade, the color temperature is 4000K, the color rendering index is up to 95, the light effect is 70lm/W, and the whole lamp power is 3.2W.


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