LED industry certification and information compilation

LED industry certification and information compilation

  • 2020-07-24
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LED industry certification and information compilation

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  • 2020-07-24
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Currently, major countries have published Certification standards for LED lighting products: China's CCC, the name of the 3C Certification mark is "China Compulsory Certification" (English name is "China Compulsory Certification", Short for "CCC"). All products sold in China's market are subject to Compulsory Certification. ETL or UL certification is the entry ticket to the North American market. Eu CE certification, a security certification mark, is seen as the manufacturer's passport to open and enter the European market. International CB certification. CB system is a set of global mutual recognition system for electrical products established by IECEE. When applying for certification of other countries, enterprises can avoid repetitive tests and obtain the entry permit to enter the market of that country.


In addition to the above product standard certification, there are also CQC voluntary certification in China, CSA product safety certification, FCC electromagnetic interference standard certification and other certification standards that may be required.
The following are some of the industry standards and latest information we have collected for your reference:
The annexes mainly include:
National and industry standards for indoor LED fluorescent lamps
Several factors affect the safety of LED manufacturers
LED packaging requirements and technical distribution at home and abroad
LED lights exported to Japan will be labeled with circular product safety signs



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