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High Frequency Electrodeless Lamp With High Energy Saving

  • 2020-07-31
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High Frequency Electrodeless Lamp With High Energy Saving

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  • 2020-07-31
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High frequency electrodeless lamp has a long life, no filament and no electrode, using high quality rare earth tricolor phosphor and anti-aging technology. The life span is over 60,000 hours, and the longest life is over 15 years. Generally, it can reach 6-8 years. It is more than 50 times the lifetime of incandescent bulbs and more than 10 times that of general gas discharge lamps. Extra long life, one installation, two major exemptions: exemption from maintenance management, exemption from high maintenance costs. High proportion of light, good visual effect, high power factor. No stroboscopic, eye protection, no fatigue. Multiple switches do not affect the lifetime and do not cause light degradation of ordinary electrode lamps.


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