Even white light has a color

Even white light has a color

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Even white light has a color

(Summary description)Even white light has a color

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Even white light has a color


Even beam of light has a certain color temperature.Whilst our eyes and brains are very good at overlooking these slight variations and fifferent shades of grey in order to create a simplified picture of the world, film and digital sensors may rgister what we fail to detect.Tungsten bulbs tend to cast a very warm, yellow colored light. 


The color quality of natural light varies depending on the time of the day as well: the light of early moring or late afternoon has a warm tone, whilst at midday it can be rather blue.If you take your photos with a digital camera, utilize the white -balance control feature to either enhance or suppress these color casts-you can add a warmer color tone to a portrait or landscape shot at midday or in overcast conditions.With slide film, you would have to select the correct film for the type of light you are shooting with or correct any deficiencies with a filter. 



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