Tips to help you choose the right lighting

Tips to help you choose the right lighting

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Tips to help you choose the right lighting

(Summary description)Tips to help you choose the right lighting

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Tips to help you choose the right lighting 

There are a number of tips that can fhelp you to choose the right office lighting for your workplace, This includes:

Creating different variations of light:

It is important to be able to create different variations of light. You don't want ot be stuck in a glaringly bright room whenever you turn the lights on but at the same time you need to have a practical level of lighting. Making sure you can vary the light is improtant which is why you should have main ceilng lights as well as desk lamps and office lamps for more subdued lighting. 


Placement of lighting:

You also need to consider the placement of lighting. Nobody will work well with a bright light glaring straight overhead or right in front of them. Therefore , make sure you choose lights that can be placed strategically to ensure optimum performance and well- being for anyone working in the office. Another consideration is to ensure that the lighting is not directly next to anything hazardous or flammable. 


Glare or flickering:

Unless you want an office full of people with constant headaches, you also need to ensure that the lighting does not glare or flicker. Any effects such as these can affect the well- being of those working in the environment and can cause issues when it comes to health and dafety as well as productivity. 


Emergency lighting:

For the health and safety of those in the workplace, you also need to ensure that there is some sort of safe emergency lighting in the event of a problem. All lighting in the event of a problem. All lighting should be regularly maintained but if something does go away, you should have some sort of backup to avoid putting workers at risk. 



You will find many different types of lighting for offices these days. You should base your choice not only on the budget but also on the size of the office, the number of people working in there, and the individual needs of those that work within that environment. 


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