LEDs are energy efficient.

LEDs are energy efficient.

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LEDs are energy efficient.

(Summary description)LEDs are energy efficient.

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LEDs are energy efficient.

The most important benefit of LED lights, of course, is their energy efficiency. LED light bulbs consume almost 90% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. And they even are more energy efficient than fluorescent lamps. 

To compare , an average LED bulb consumes around 8 watts of electricity to yield the same amount of lgith thna a 100 watt indecent bulb or 14- watt fluorescent bulb produces. 


That is possible because LEDs produce light using different techmology. If in traditonal bulbs the biggest part o the consumed energy is turned into heat, then in LED bulbs almost all the energy is turned into light, meaning that the bulbs can produce more light, consume fewer watts and cost a lot less. 



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