LED explosion-proof light SW7151, LED floodlight -40W

LED explosion-proof light SW7151, LED floodlight -40W

  • 2020-08-17
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LED explosion-proof light SW7151, LED floodlight -40W

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  • 2020-08-17
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Performance Features:
It adopts imported high-quality aluminum alloy material to be die-cast, which is light in quality and tough in strength, and has good thermal conductivity. Besides, it adopts multiple anti-vibration structure design to ensure its medium and long term work in high frequency vibration of roadbed, rail, bridge and culver tunnel, etc.;
The surface adopts high-tech electrostatic spraying technology with good anti-corrosion property and strong adhesion.
The sealing ring is made of imported high quality silicone rubber, extruded and formed by secondary vulcanization. Special sealing and surface coating treatment, to ensure that the lamps in the humid, high temperature and other harsh environment does not corrode, not rust;
The transparent parts are made of imported borosilicate glass with high light transmittance. After tempered, they are resistant to 4-joule impact force without rupture.
Light source arrangement is reasonable, can avoid the light is too concentrated. This lamp is placed in the roadway for illumination, effectively avoiding the light intensity stimulation or discomfort caused by the staff's vision from weak light to strong light. In addition, the light of the lamp passes evenly, avoiding the tunnel opening effect caused by the sudden change of brightness.
The light source adopts super power and super bright white LED light source, which has high luminous efficiency and fully embodies the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.
Light source life up to 100,000 hours, is your one-time reward.


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