What Are The Features Of High Quality Tri Proof Lights In Complex And Harsh Environments?

What Are The Features Of High Quality Tri Proof Lights In Complex And Harsh Environments?

  • 2020-04-07
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What Are The Features Of High Quality Tri Proof Lights In Complex And Harsh Environments?

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  • 2020-04-07
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The tri proof light refers to waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion. The material of the lamp is a professional anti-oxidant anti-corrosion material and a silicone sealing ring. Therefore, the working environment of the vapor tight light is usually a place with relatively strong corrosiveness and dust, which is very humid. With these features, high-quality vapor tight fixture can play its main features in complex and harsh environments and can replace ordinary lighting in normal work in harsh environments.


The high quality led tri proof lamp adopts special anti-oxidation anti-corrosion material and silicone sealing ring to realize the protection requirements of lighting fixtures. At the same time, the circuit control board of the vapor tight fixtures is protected against corrosion, water and oxidation, and the intelligent control special working circuit reduces the working temperature of the power inverter. It ensures the safety and reliability of the line. In addition, according to the actual working environment of the high-quality led tri-proof lights, the surface of the lamp housing box is subjected to nano-spraying moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment to prevent the entry of dust and moisture.


High quality vapor-tight fixture is mainly used for high-efficiency lighting in power, metallurgy, railway, various types of factories, stations, large facilities, and other places. various installation methods such as surface or chain mount installation. The features of the high quality led vapor tights as follows:


1. The integrated streamlined cylinder structure, the light projection is even and soft, especially suitable for fixed lighting of various high-top and high-shed places. The interior of the luminaire's body is made of anti-vibration material and shock-absorbing structure, which can work in various high-frequency and strong vibration places for a long time.

2. The high luminous efficiency gas discharge source has an average service life of more than 50,000 hours, eliminating the trouble and inconvenience of frequent lamp replacement. The configuration adopts the new technology capacitive energy-saving ballast, which saves 20% of electricity compared with similar ballasts and can realize constant current output, greatly improving the service life of the bulb.

3. Housing protection grade IP65, anti-corrosion grade WF2, the housing will never corrode, never rust.

4. The high quality tri proof lamp has a low overall temperature rise and good heat dissipation, which can reduce the probability of damage.

5. The vapor tight lights use new production technology to ensure good sealing of the housing, waterproof and dustproof.

6. It has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.

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