Blue LEDs Pose Health Risks

Blue LEDs Pose Health Risks

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Blue LEDs Pose Health Risks

(Summary description)Blue LEDs Pose Health Risks

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Blue LEDs Pose Health Risks


It is a well-known fact that LED lamps have many benefits , like being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, however, not many know that blue-toned LEDs actually can have a bad influence on our health. 

Because of the way our eyes are bulbt ,bule light can distort our vision and make it less focused and less sharp. This means that blue LED lights, especially as streetlights,can actually be the cause of many dangerous situations like road accidents. 

On top of that , light in a distinct blue color also can cause discomfort and even damage our retina. Our eyes do filter some of the blue light around us, but it does this better as we agem so young children can be especially susceptible to the blue LED caused dangers. 

However,there are LED bulbs out there, that have minimal blue diodes in them, which means that these LEDs won't post the previously mentioned dangers and ca be safely used in your home,as streetlights or in any other way. 



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