Cold Storage Light: Why Install Special Cold Storage Lights?

Cold Storage Light: Why Install Special Cold Storage Lights?

  • 2020-04-08
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Cold Storage Light: Why Install Special Cold Storage Lights?

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  • 2020-04-08
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The cold storage led lighting is a new type of cold storage light source that represents the future development direction of high luminous efficiency, longevity and high color rendering of cold storage lighting technology. Traditional large-scale cold storage lamps use low-efficiency metal halide lights and high-pressure mercury lamps. The disadvantages of using these lights in cold storage are high power, low illumination, low lifespan, easy air leaks, and water accumulation. Ordinary luminaires are not a substitute for cold storage luminaires.


Use led vapor tight fixture in the cold storage, laboratory test temperature is -30 degrees, lifespan can reach 20,000-30000 hours. LED cold storage lights is a new generation of high-tech cold storage lighting source products integrating electronic technology, photoelectric technology, plasma science, magnetic materials science and vacuum technology. It is mainly composed of three parts: high frequency generator, power coupler and glass bulb.


Features of large cold storage lights:

1. The large-scale cold storage illuminator adopts aluminum alloy casing, and its material meets the requirements of GB/T 1173-1995 national standard. Using advanced "high temperature primary die casting" forming process, casting products have smooth surface, fine metal structure, no bubbles inside, sand holes and other defects, good tensile strength and impact resistance. Low temperature cold storage lamp housing has high explosion-proof performance. And the cold storage lamp has a permanent explosion-proof mark and trademark directly pressed by the mold.

2. After the cold storage lights is cleaned by surface blasting machine, the surface is sprayed with automatic spraying line equipment and domestic advanced high-pressure electrostatic spray technology. The plastic layer is evenly attached and has strong adhesion. Plastic powder, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, flat tempered glass lampshade, stainless steel exposed fasteners.

3. Large-scale cold storage light ballasts and lamps are designed in one-piece or split-type to meet the needs of multiple different light sources. High-purity aluminum anodized orange-pattern diffuse reflectors with high reflectivity and soft light. The range of illumination angles of the lamps is big, installation methods include cold storage light ceiling mount installation and suspension lamp installation.

4. Large cold storage lights can meet various installation and use needs, the layout structure of the cold storage lighting adopts a screw cap type to facilitate the inspection and replacement of the light source.

Therefore, please note that no matter where the cold storage is built, it is necessary to use the cold storage lights dedicated to the cold storage. In the event that a luminaire that doesn't meet the requirements is used, it is not secure to have a series of accidents such as an explosion.

Recommend some hot sale special cold storage vapor tight light, the minimum operating temperature of the luminaire reaches -40 degrees:

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