Best LED Light Bulbs For Kitchen Ceiling

Best LED Light Bulbs For Kitchen Ceiling

  • 2020-04-08
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Best LED Light Bulbs For Kitchen Ceiling

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  • 2020-04-08
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The kitchen is an indispensable part of our life. Quality kitchen lighting not only increases the family atmosphere but also reduce the maintenance and replacement of lights trouble.

Now introduce an LED lighting fixture specially production for the kitchen-led light bulbs . The Class C UL listed 7W and 12W Self-Ballasted LED bulbs for enclosed fixtures come in a length of 5.63" and 6.5". With high efficacy of 110LPW, the best LED bulbs are suitable to replace a 60 watt and 100 watt incandescent fixture.

The outdoor LED bulbs can be multiply used in totally enclosed, recessed luminaries, double insulated. They’re the ideal products for cooking place.

High light transmittance cover, 6063 aviation aluminium heatsink, high temperature power supply.

● Life time 5000h@85 or 30000h@60

● Color temperature 3000K/4000K

● Rated Voltage 85-277Vac

● 3 year warranty

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