How To Diffuse LED lighting ?

How To Diffuse LED lighting ?

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How To Diffuse LED lighting ?

(Summary description)How To Diffuse LED lighting ?

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How To Diffuse LED lighting ?

There areally are three main triks to use to diffuse ligth of any source, including from LEDs:


1. Place a semi-transparent barrier in front of the lgiht. 

2. Place some thick opaque buffer over the light.

3.Increase the distance the light has to travel. 


All three of these things can help diffuse the light from your LEDs and there are many examples of barriers and buffer materials you can use,If you're wondering how to diffuse LED lgihts as well as possible, you'd do best to use a combination of all three methods at once.


The third points is pretty much self-explanatory-the more distance there is between the LEDs and the diffusing barrier or buffer above them, the better. The other two methods, however,can be done with various different materials and tools, Here are some examples - you can either find many of these as commercially-sold extrusions/diffusers or you can make them yourself,DIY style. 


Do keep in mind, however, that the more you diffuse your lights, the dimmer they get,So, a balance will have to be struck depending on how much light and how much diffusion you need.



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