Barriers to use for LED light diffusion.

Barriers to use for LED light diffusion.

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Barriers to use for LED light diffusion.

(Summary description)Barriers to use for LED light diffusion.

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Barriers to use for LED light diffusion.

Once you've placed your diffusing barrier of choice you may find that you need even more diffusion. If increasing the distance or opting for a more opaque barrier is not an option, you can try adding some waddle between the diffusing barrier and the LEDs. 

Essentially, we can call this"double diffusion". You can use virtually anything for that-various fabrics, cotton pieces, an inner barrier of paper, glue or something similar, and so on, Anything that obstructs and breaks the light but still lets enough of it pass through will act as an effective diffuser. 

Whether you've wondering how to diffuse LED light strips or regular LED lighting fixtures, any of these methods should work,Depending on the type of ligth you have you may not be able to find a good commercial option, but as yu can see, DIY  light diffusion is relatively simple. Just make sure not to dim the lights too much and always remember to turn the lights off from the breaker before you work on them.


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