Patents are protected, a "talisman" against patent lawsuits by international giants in the future

Patents are protected, a "talisman" against patent lawsuits by international giants in the future

  • 2020-08-26
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Patents are protected, a "talisman" against patent lawsuits by international giants in the future

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  • 2020-08-26
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If the lessons of blu-ray and DVD in other countries have not alarmed us, the photovoltaic debacle should. Foreign LED factories have perfected the art of fish breeding. With the increasing scale of LED in China, it will be extremely difficult to avoid the patent encirclemente of foreign LED giants by relying on the existing technology, talents and teams.
Technological innovation is the chip of LED enterprise market competition, so patent is the "talisman" of technological innovation. From the beginning of technological breakthroughs, Jinneng optoelectronics has taken silicon substrate LED technology as the core, covering the epitome growth, chip manufacturing, packaging and application of patent network in Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan and other LED developed countries and regions spread out. Owning its own core patent is a powerful tool for LED upstream enterprises to drive the domestic and overseas markets, and also a talisman to resist the patent litigation of international giants in the future.

Building support platform, silicon substrate LED technology innovation accelerator

Although domestic LED enterprises are well aware of the importance of technological innovation, technological innovation needs systematic support from r&d platform, incubation platform, capital platform and talent platform.
Obviously, silicon substrate LED technology charm has attracted many excellent talents converging lattice lighting at home and abroad, industry cluster has the national Ministry of Science and Technology approved silicon leds engineering technology research center and the National Development and Reform Commission approval of solid-state lighting state local engineering technology center of the two big strong technology platform, formed the epitaxial material, chips, encapsulation and application research of vertical integration, in addition, silicon substrate LED industry chain enterprises joint domestic many famous universities and research institutes, for silicon substrate LED technology innovation to build a strong platform for the production and technology incubation platform.
At the same time, it has attracted a number of famous international venture capital funds and domestic capital platforms such as Jinsha River and Temasek, especially the establishment of Hongcheng Capital, which focuses on the investment of Nanchang enterprises, and has built a solid three-dimensional financing platform.


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