How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People?

How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People?

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How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People?

(Summary description)How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People ?

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How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People ?

Over 1 billion people wordwide still lack access to electricity, with kerosene lamps still being the main source of lighting in large parts of the developing world.This lighting is dangerous, causes many healthe problems, is environmentally destructive, and is also very expensive to what are some of the world's poorest poeple, And because many of these people live in remote areas, connecting them up to the national electricity grid is not really an option. 

Fortunately, solar- powered lighting offers a way out of this quandary, and its rise is now empowering milliions of people across the world, by offering a source of lighting which is more affordable ,and hs none of the health problems and environmental damage associated with erosene lamps. 


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