How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People?-002

How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People?-002

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How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People?-002

(Summary description)How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People?-002

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How Solar Lighting Is Empowering People?

Moreover, solar lamps allow people continue economic and education opportunities into the night ,which increases their chances of escaping from popverty, And solar lgihting even increases safety, because these lamps allow you to safely walk around at night and feel more secure while out on the streets during the evenings. 


Several trailblazing for-profit companies are behind this revolution, having cleverly developed business models that enable some of the most vulnerable people on the planet to purchase solar- powered lighting for their own personal use. 


But what exactly is it about solar lighting that's so wonderful, and how is it empowering people across the world?


To start wit h, thiese lights are totally independent of the grid or any other power supply,all they need is to be exposed to sunlight and they will effortlessly convert it into energy that households and businesses can utilize as light, 


They are also far cheaper than kerosene lamps, Just think of all the resources that are freed up to the world's poor if the money they currently spend on kerosene lights, including to clean up its associated environmental and helath problems, could be directed to health care, education etc. 


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