Seven experiences of LED drive power supply design and development

Seven experiences of LED drive power supply design and development

  • 2020-08-28
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Seven experiences of LED drive power supply design and development

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  • 2020-08-28
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1. Give up more than 4 channels of output, develop single or two channels of output, give up large current and super current, and develop small current.

The more complicated the output channels are, the higher the cost of solving the current interference between different outlets. If not, the higher the failure rate will be. Additional output because the more the greater the total output current, and the main reason for the electric current is calorific, voltage itself does not directly cause fever, calorific value and is proportional to the square of the current simple, that is current is added to the original 2 times, calorific value will be increased to four times, current is added to the original 3 times, calorific value will be increased to the original nine times. To sum up, the failure rate of single or two-channel LED drive power will be greatly reduced.

2. Intelligent control is one of the advantages of LED lamps, and power supply is the key to intelligent control.

Intelligent control has the most mature conditions and the most obvious effect in the application of LED street lamps and LED tunnel lights. Intelligent control can realize steerless control of lamps' power in different time periods and according to the density of road traffic flow, which not only meets the application requirements, but also achieves great energy saving effect, which can save a lot of money for highway supervisors. The application of tunnel lighting can not only save energy, but also automatically adjust the brightness of the entrance and exit of the tunnel according to the brightness outside the tunnel, providing a visual transition stage for drivers to ensure driving safety.

3. Give up high power and super power, and choose medium and small power power with high stability.

Because the greater the power, the greater the heat, the more compact the components inside, which is not conducive to heat dissipation, and the temperature is the culprit for the failure of LED drive power supply. In addition, the development of small power supply is relatively mature, stability and cost have advantages. In fact, many high-power power supply schemes have not been verified by time and proved by practice. They are all rushed projects and experimental products, so the faults emerge in endlessly. In contrast, because of the early development of small and medium power LED drive power, the technical solution to be more mature.


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