Seven experiences of LED drive power supply design and development

Seven experiences of LED drive power supply design and development

  • 2020-08-28
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Seven experiences of LED drive power supply design and development

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  • 2020-08-28
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4. Heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors for power failure.
Not only the LED drive power itself will heat up, but also the lamps. How to properly emit these two heat sources is a problem that lamps design engineers must consider. It must prevent excessive concentration of heat, form heat island effect, and affect the power life. Separate power supply is a good choice.
5. Feasibility of maintenance.
It is impossible to completely avoid the failure of THE LED drive power supply. Only when the replacement of the power supply is as simple as the replacement of the regular light source, can the user be happy. Even if the power supply is broken, the mood will not be too bad, and the user's mood determines the fate of LED lamp manufacturers.
6. Protective performance.
The problem of protection is also very important. Water penetration may cause short circuit of the power supply, dust on the shell will affect the heat dissipation of the power supply, and exposure to sunlight will easily cause high temperature and aging of the wires and other components. From the experience of actual use, the failure rate of the rotating wiring plug is relatively high, most of which are caused by water leakage.
7. Modular design.
Modular design has become the trend of today, we must find a way to integrate the module power supply, if the LED drive power supply can be plugged in to solve the maintenance problem, it will be welcomed by users, at the same time, we also need to establish interface standardization, so that different manufacturers of LED lamp power can be universal.


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