What Is Led Art?

What Is Led Art?

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What Is Led Art?

(Summary description)What Is Led Art?

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What Is Led Art?

No doubt most of you are already familiar with the existence of LED lighting- these super bright ,energy efficient and long- lasting lights are rapidly phasing out older lighting technologyies in domestic and ommercial settings alike.However, one LED-related concept yu may not have heard of is LED Art . LED lighting is widespread, nowadays,in fields as diverse as advertising lighting,street lighting, cinematic and photography lighting, the lighting used for theatrical stage productions- it is even used in some art galleries to illuminate and enhance the artwork contined there- and many new artworks are beginning to incorporate LED lighting into the comositions themselves.It makes a lot of sense, therefore , to talk of an LED Art movement, and inded it could be argued that this is one of the major art movements of the 21st century so far. 

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