Why will LED dimming power supply age and how to conduct aging test

Why will LED dimming power supply age and how to conduct aging test

  • 2020-08-29
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Why will LED dimming power supply age and how to conduct aging test

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  • 2020-08-29
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I. Cause of aging of LED dimming power supply
LED products after aging can improve efficiency and help to late use efficiency and stability. LED aging test in product quality control is a very important link, in many cases, but often overlooked, unable to properly aging effectively. LED aging test is based on product failure rate curve is a response to the characteristics of bathtub curve, in order to improve the reliability of products, but this method is not required, aging test, after all, at the expense of the single life at the cost of LED products. Each product will have different design, different design is suitable for different USES, LED lighting reliability design includes: electrical safety, fire safety, applicable environment safety, mechanical safety, health safety, safe use time and other factors.

Ii. How to conduct the aging test of LED dimming power supply
In the LED power aging test, the resistance load is generally used for the aging test. Why does the LED dimming power supply need constant current in the production and design? How to do the aging test for the LED dimming power supply? Why constant current is necessary when redesigning: The characteristics of LED semiconductors determine that they are highly influenced by the environment. For example, if the temperature changes, the current of LED will increase. If the voltage increases, the current of LED will also increase. More than rated current job for a long time, can greatly shorten the service life of the LED. And the LED constant current is in the environmental factors such as temperature and voltage changes, to ensure the working current constant.
Most of the new LED power products on the production line are fully functional and can be used directly, but why do we need to do the aging test? Notify us product quality theory, LED power supply product fault attack most attacks in the early and late, late is the product of LED power supply normal stature, unable to control, but can be controlled, the early may operate within the factory gates, that is before the LED power supply product delivered to the user's hands do aging test, the problem inside the factory, on the manufacturer is doing just that, but shanzhai factory usually do not do the aging test, perhaps is the aging test operation to the user, so we are still often buy some product, it wasn't long before hand is bad, In fact, this is not the result of the aging test, because users have claimed some of the shanzhai factory operations, so usually shanzhai LED photoelectric products will be much cheaper.




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