Advertising Art.

Advertising Art.

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Advertising Art.

(Summary description)Advertising Art.

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Advertising Art.


As we have seen, LEDs have long been used in advertising and shop signage.Today, LED screens have become for many businesses the preferred form of signage to communicate with their customers, as well as to create an appropriate atmosphere and vibe for their store. Because of their low power requirements, ability to be changed at a moment's notice, and vivid , colorful visuals that are impossible to ignore, LED screens can now be found in shopping centers, sports stadiums, and other publice spaces,They support multiple media, including text, graphics, animation,picture, and video-including combinations of all these. Indeed, some of the advertising signs you will see about town are works of art themselves -hence the inclusion of advertising signage under the category of LED Art. To display the relevant images, graphics, text etc on these signs, simply connect a computer or plug in a USB and upload the relevant files in a continuous loop for as long as it is turned on. 



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