What is stroboscopic and how is it tested?

What is stroboscopic and how is it tested?

  • 2020-08-31
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What is stroboscopic and how is it tested?

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  • 2020-08-31
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What is strobe? It is explained that stroboscopic effect and stroboscopic effect are two mutually causal physical quantities for the electric light source, the fluctuation depth of luminous flux and the resulting hazard effect. Stroboscopic refers to the depth of the light flux fluctuation of the electric light source. The greater the flux fluctuation depth is, the more serious is the stroboscopic light source.
Traditional test method
By rotating the black and white gyroscope in the sunlight, the pattern will form a stable color ring that will not change with the rotation speed and direction. Under the tested light, rotate the black and white gyroscope to observe the phenomenon: if the color of the pattern or the ring structure changes, it indicates that the stroboscopic change of the light is more obvious, indicating that the stroboscopic change is more severe. But the depth of the stroboscopic can not make an accurate judgment.


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