LED dimmer power supply voltage matching with current supply

LED dimmer power supply voltage matching with current supply

  • 2020-09-01
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LED dimmer power supply voltage matching with current supply

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  • 2020-09-01
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In terms of current supply, the normal working current of LED is 15MA-18mA. When the power supply current is less than 15mA, the LED's luminescence intensity is insufficient, while when the power supply current is greater than 20mA, the luminescence intensity will weaken, and meanwhile, the heating will increase, the aging will accelerate, the life will shorten, and when it exceeds 40mA, it will soon be damaged.
In terms of voltage matching, LED dimming power supply, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, can be directly connected to 220V AC power supply. Leds are low voltage drives of 2-3 volts, and have to be designed with complex switching circuits, different LED lights for different purposes, and equipped with different power adapters.

In order to extend the service life of LED lights, simple power supply can not be used, and commonly used integrated circuit power supply, electronic transformer, separation component power supply, etc., but the design of constant-current source circuit and constant-voltage source circuit supply mode, large current drive, with high-power tube or thyristor device.
LED dimming power supply is a voltage converter that converts the power supply to a specific voltage and current to dimming LED luminescence. Under normal circumstances, the input of LED dimming power supply includes high-voltage, power-frequency AC (i.e. commercial power), low-voltage DC, high-voltage DC, low-voltage high-frequency AC (such as the output of electronic transformer) and so on.
The output of LED dimming power supply is mostly a constant current source that can change the voltage with the change of LED forward voltage drop. In addition to the protection circuit, so that the LED power supply circuit is very complex, the failure rate increases, component costs, production costs, service costs will increase.
At present, the cost of LED itself is high, plus the cost of power supply, which greatly limits the competitiveness of the market and the purchase group, the advantages of LED lighting greatly reduced, which is also restricting its development and popularization of another key problem.

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