The difference of LED drive power in different applications

The difference of LED drive power in different applications

  • 2020-09-01
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The difference of LED drive power in different applications

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  • 2020-09-01
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LED has a strong application flexibility, of course, in different power sources will also be different. If not handled properly, it will seriously affect the service life and lighting of LED. Here is an introduction to the differences of LED drive power in different applications.
1. Introduction to the principle of distributed constant current driving
LED has its application flexibility, in the future design will bring more power specifications.
The principle of distributed constant current is that independent constant current sources are set up in each parallel branch point to manage, maintain and control the stability of branches and branches, branches and the whole line. The distributed constant-current circuit can be regarded as a complete circuit structure in use, while the practical application is distributed among the nodes of the circuit, which can be controlled by constant-current and can communicate with each other.
At present, there is a big gap between the claimed and actual service life of LED products. The stability of the drive line will directly affect the overall stability of the product.
The reason for the high reliability of distributed constant-current technology is that AC power supply continues to follow the traditional switching power supply and adopts the constant-voltage power supply mode. The accumulation of switching power supply technology will create quality conditions for LED power supply design. Under the same power supply specifications, there is no need to develop new power models, the power can be compatible downward, greatly reducing the power specifications, improve the power uniformity.

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