Important indicator of drive power

Important indicator of drive power

  • 2020-09-02
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Important indicator of drive power

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  • 2020-09-02
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For several important indicators of power supply, enterprises should have a comprehensive understanding, the most important thing is to ensure the quality of their products, in order to foothold in the competition. There should be a general understanding of the development direction of LED drive power supply.

1) Efficiency; LED light source as a new light source, the pursuit of light efficiency per unit power is an inevitable trend, and the realization of high light efficiency first depends on the LED itself to improve the light efficiency, second depends on the drive power AV/DC conversion efficiency improvement. With the existing technology, it is very unlikely that the short-term light efficiency of LEDs will be significantly improved, but it is not difficult to improve the conversion efficiency of AC/DC by using different topologies. For example, now we use the non-isolated architecture to realize the conversion efficiency of AC/DC drive power supply of more than 90%, such a scheme has been welcomed by the industry and gradually become a trend. In detail, bulb lamps should be non-isolated and strobose-free, especially if they are insulated with a graphene conductive plastic case. The T8/T5 rod tube should adopt the non-isolated high PF value without stroboscopic scheme to achieve.

2) Constant Current accuracy; Constant current accuracy determines the rate of change of output brightness. Therefore, proper constant current accuracy is a necessary guarantee for healthy light source. At the same time, constant current accuracy also affects the light attenuation of the light source. Therefore, a qualified drive power supply must have relatively good constant current precision. In the market, we see a lot of products, including the international first-tier brands, adopt the way of resistance and voltage reduction, the brightness of the whole lamp with the input voltage changes and drastic changes, it is really irresponsible behavior.

3) Line Regulation; The linear adjustment rate determines the area of use of a light source. Such as in the eastern part of our domestic central parts of the state grid is relatively stable, generally the range of input voltage fluctuation limited (AC220V + / - 10%) can guarantee that the products have been able to meet single voltage, but in western rural areas, the problem will become complicated, but we think the products if you can guarantee 160 v to 265 v input linear regulation, basic can meet most of our country and even global demand (except for the americas, Japan). But if you're looking for perfection, you can get an international input voltage of 85-265V; But you still can't guarantee that your product won't be damaged in rural India. The friend that inland does a project once bought the T8 rod tube that guangdong does with low price civilized manufacturer (M manufacturer), when input voltage is 240V, brightness can reach 1220 lumens, but when input voltage reaches 180V, output brightness becomes 723 lumens however. A product like this, I think, really shouldn't be circulating in the market. You know, in places like underground parking lots, it's very easy to have a large number of lamp clusters, and the voltage is not less than 180V.

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