Important indicator of drive power

Important indicator of drive power

  • 2020-09-02
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Important indicator of drive power

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  • 2020-09-02
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4) Ripple, Noise& THD; Ripple and noise can cause stroboscopic phenomena, and if they can be suppressed without increasing the cost, we should certainly pay attention.

5) Power factor correction (PFC) The power factor PF value will determine the use efficiency of the national grid, but the power factor is positively correlated with the power.

6) Safety Standard and EMI; Safety regulations are the norms and laws of every country or region, as well as a threshold and even a trade barrier. But no matter how to say, also be to standardize an industry, the standard that evaluates a product stand or fall, it is a barrier that ensures electricity safety more. In China, safety regulations and EMI are not standard enough, so we have to be self-disciplined. A responsible enterprise must ensure the safety of the electricity of your products and the safety of the users, beyond this bottom line, will eventually be rejected by the users.

7) Reliability; As the heart and short board of LED light source, the reliability of driving products is the primary problem to be solved. Some customers there are pitfalls in the reliability problems, take point solution capacitance, for instance, some people think that the life of the electrolytic capacitor is the shortest board, LED the "bucket" theoretically also appears to have, but the problem is some designers are too superficial understanding of electrolytic capacitors, devotion to Japanese brand on the tall, but ignore the whole lamp design electrolytic capacitor work environment, work long time for electrolytic capacitor at a temperature of more than 90 degrees. If so, the life of any high electrolytic capacitor will be greatly reduced. If you use graphene as a thermally conductive plastic, make sure that the drive is not wrapped in a thick insulating bushing, especially if the operating temperature does not exceed 65 degrees.

To sum up, in 2014, THE LED drive power supply should do the following: ensure reliability and safety, pursue efficiency and constant current accuracy, try to suppress ripple and noise, and make appropriate linear adjustment rate. While pursuing these, you must consider the quality of your products, to ensure that quality is the constant pursuit of LED light manufacturers.

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