Application of FMD FT8901X switch section dimming scheme

Application of FMD FT8901X switch section dimming scheme

  • 2020-09-02
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Application of FMD FT8901X switch section dimming scheme

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  • 2020-09-02
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The following is a detailed introduction of the FT8901X series switching dimming chip of FMD. Through the following detailed introduction, I believe that you will have a relatively clear understanding of the FMD FT8901X series switch segment dimmer chip scheme.

I. Introduction to basic functions of FT8901X
FT8901X is a non-isolated Buck and constant current driver chip with high power factor correction function (APFC).
1. High PF, in the full voltage input range, PF>0.9
2. With 45KHz fixed frequency control and +/-4% frequency jitter technology, EMI design of the system is simple and EMI testing is easier to pass.
3. ON/OFF section dimming (100%-> 50%-b> 25%)
4. Constant current accuracy is within +/-3%
5. LED output OVP, SCP and OTP protection
6. Simple peripheral components, low BoM Cost
7. The output adopts full closed-loop current control technology, so as to obtain high-precision LED load current.

Typical application circuit diagram of FT8901X

In addition, FT8900X non-dimming scheme and FT8901X dimming scheme are completely Pin to Pin products. If dimming is needed, only a 300-600K resistor is connected in parallel with the VCC capacitor, and THE PCB can be completely Shared.

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