Soldering the LEDs together

Soldering the LEDs together

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Soldering the LEDs together

(Summary description)Soldering the LEDs together

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Soldering the LEDs together 

If you don't want ot use a quck connector, you can try soldering hte LEDs togethr,We recommend using a quick connector in virtually every situation but solderign can work as well- it's doing the same thing, only without a quick connector,Here's what to do. 

1. Remove the plastic cover or adhesive backing off the copper dots on the LED strips. 

2. Get a soldering iron from a hardware store and heat it up. Then, hold a metal solder wire over the LED strip's copper terminals, Melt the soldr wire with the soldering iron dire tly over the copper dots. You only want to melt enough of the wire to create small puddles of metal covering the coppper dots on the LEDs. 

3. Get a plastic end cap from a hardware or home improvement store, Cut a small hole in it with a box cutter-small enough for a couple of wires. 

4.Cut the black and red wires to whatever length you need and pass them through the plastic end cap's hole. 

5. Use wire strippers to strip half an inch off the wires' ends.You can get wire strippers from any hardware store. 

6. Twist the end of each wire to wrangle the frayed strands together.Then use the soldering iron again to melt the solder onto the exposed wires. 

7. Matching the polarity of each wire (black with the )signs and red with the sign)solder the wires to the metal you've already soldiered over the copper terminals of the LEDs.

8. Connect the wires to a power source.If you don't want to use a terminal wire connector ,you can twist the wire ends and cover them with shrink tube or use an end cap. 

9.Glue another plastic end cap over the connection between the wires and the LEDs to make it safe to the touch .You can use silicone glue for that, it won't interfere with teh electric connection. 

And that's it .Test the lights, if they don't light up you've likely connected the wires incorrectly,That's unlikely ,however, the more common problem is leaving exposed wires which can be dangerous so, always make sure you glue plastic end caps over every exposed wire connection. 

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