LED street lamp design how to effective lightning protection

LED street lamp design how to effective lightning protection

  • 2020-09-03
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LED street lamp design how to effective lightning protection

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  • 2020-09-03
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4. High quality protection equipment -- lightning protection module and over-voltage protection module
The function of lightning protector is to connect the protected system to the equipotential system in the shortest time (nanosecond), so that all ports of the equipment are equipotential. At the same time, the huge pulse energy generated by lightning strike in the circuit is released to the earth through a short route to reduce the potential difference at the interface end of the equipment, thus playing the role of protection equipment.
LED street lamp power module should not only be designed in accordance with the above requirements, but also must go through a strict inspection procedure:
1. The control device with constant voltage output function or constant current output function or both functions shall be inspected according to GB 19510.12/ IEC61347-2-13 safety standard.
2. GB 19510.12/ IEC61347-2-11 safety standard inspection shall be applied to the control device that can only control the logical changes of LED light and shade, flashing, color, etc.
3. If a control device performs both of the above functions, it shall be inspected in accordance with THE Safety standard GB 19510.12/ IEC 61347-2-13.
Practice has proved that scientific design and strict inspection can not only ensure the LED street lamp system is not damaged by lightning, but also eliminate the common mode and differential mode interference of lightning to the power supply equipment.


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