Non - isolated design and isolated type of drive power

Non - isolated design and isolated type of drive power

  • 2020-09-04
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Non - isolated design and isolated type of drive power

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  • 2020-09-04
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The non-isolating design is limited to dual-insulated products, such as alternatives to light bulbs, where the LED and the entire product are integrated and sealed in non-conductive plastic, so there is no risk of electric shock to the end user. Secondary products are isolated and relatively expensive, but they are essential where users have access to LEDS and output wiring (usually in LED and street lighting applications).

The LED drive power supply with isolation transformer or electrical isolation means that the LED can be touched directly by hand without electric shock. Although the LED drive power supply without isolation transformer can still achieve partial mechanical insulation with the help of protective shell, the LED cannot be directly contacted when it is working.

Insulation type bulb will become mainstream in the future
The physical design determines whether the drive is isolated or non-isolated. Security rules typically require the use of two separate isolation layers. Designers can choose between two physical isolation layers, namely plastic astigmatism and glass shield, and use non-isolation power supply. If physical isolation is too costly, mechanical difficulties exist, or too much light is absorbed, electrical isolation must be resolved in the power supply.

Usually, they will analyze many aspects, such as cost and manufacturing process, efficiency and volume, insulation reliability and safety specification requirements, etc. The cost of driving with transformers is higher, but it also makes LED lamps more practical and can meet the needs of end users who accidentally touch leds. When the glass case of an incandescent lamp is easily damaged, an E27 ordinary bulb can be replaced with an LED.



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