No Harm Done To The Environment

No Harm Done To The Environment

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No Harm Done To The Environment

(Summary description)No Harm Done To The Environment

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No Harm Done To The Environment.

One of the top reasons why solar energy is so relevant to sustainability is because it is a safe way how to gt energy, We are able to mine solar power without destroying our natural resources or having to build big factories to do so. 

Of course , many would argue that solar panels also harm the land, becuase many larger solar facilities are installing their solar farms on the ground, not hte rooftops of houses like we are used to seeing in a more domestic use of solar panels,However, solar panels not only don't take up that much space, they also don't have that huge of an impact on the land, since solar panels don't have to be drilled deep into the ground and can be easily removerd any time.

On top of that , nowadays, many facilities are locating their solar farms in places like brownfields, deserts, and on otherwise unusable land, which means that solar panels are actually using the land that otherwise would stay unutilized for good.


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