LED drive power supply design skills

LED drive power supply design skills

  • 2020-09-05
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LED drive power supply design skills

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  • 2020-09-05
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LED drive power supply plays an important role in the LED lamps and lanterns, almost decide the life span of the LED lamps and lanterns, so for the design of the driving power supply should be the problem of each manufacturer should thinking, so in the process of design of drive power supply, should pay attention to what, standing on the shoulders of predecessors, always can see the different scenery. Let's share a few tips that have emerged from a number of experiments.

 1. Intelligent control is one of the advantages of LED lamps, and power supply is the key to intelligent control.
Intelligent control has the most mature conditions and the most obvious effect in the application of LED street lamps and LED tunnel lights. Intelligent control can realize steerless control of lamps' power in different time periods and according to the density of road traffic flow, which not only meets the application requirements, but also achieves great energy saving effect, which can save a lot of money for highway supervisors. The application of tunnel lighting can not only save energy, but also automatically adjust the brightness of the entrance and exit of the tunnel according to the brightness outside the tunnel, providing a visual transition stage for drivers to ensure driving safety.

2. Heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors of power failure.
Not only the power itself will heat up, but also the lamps will heat up. How to properly distribute these two heat sources is a problem that lamps design engineers must consider. Excessive heat concentration must be prevented to form the heat island effect and affect the power life. Separate power supply is a good choice.

3. Feasibility of maintenance.
Power failures cannot be completely avoided and should follow the principle of ease of maintenance. Only when the replacement of the power supply is as simple as the replacement of the regular light source, can the user be happy. Even if the power supply is broken, the mood will not be too bad, and the user's mood determines the fate of LED lamp manufacturers.


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