LED drive power supply design skills

LED drive power supply design skills

  • 2020-09-05
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LED drive power supply design skills

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  • 2020-09-05
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4. Protective performance.
The problem of protection is also very important. Water penetration may cause short circuit of the power supply, dust on the shell will affect the heat dissipation of the power supply, and exposure to sunlight will easily cause high temperature and aging of the wires and other components. From the experience of actual use, the failure rate of the rotating wiring plug is relatively high, most of which are caused by water leakage.
5. Modular design.
Modular design has become the trend of today, we must find a way to integrate the module power supply, if the power supply can be plugged in to solve the maintenance problem, it will be welcomed by users, at the same time, we also need to establish a standardized interface, so that different manufacturers of LED lamp power can be common.

6, the development of a single or two output, the development of small current.
The more complicated the output channels are, the higher the cost of solving the current interference between different outlets. If not, the higher the failure rate will be. Additional output because the more the greater the total output current, and the main reason for the electric current is calorific, voltage itself does not directly cause fever, calorific value and is proportional to the square of the current simple, that is current is added to the original 2 times, calorific value will be increased to four times, current is added to the original 3 times, calorific value will be increased to the original nine times. To sum up, the power failure rate of LED lights with single or two-channel output will be greatly reduced.

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