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Tonghui LED Lighting designs, manufactures and installs LED lighting to enhance pool and garden areas, residential houses, commercial establishments and signage and public spaces.

The team at Tonghui LED Lighting is dedicated to manufacturing premium products to rigorous quality standards.

We source components of the highest quality and manufacture energy efficient Compliance LED lighting that will save money for your home or business over many years offering excellent returns on investments.

Our Service

We design and deliver complete LED lighting installation packages for large and small projects. Tonghui LED Lighting has the expertise to convert traditional lighting to LED and replace or further extend or enhance any existing LED lighting on the premises. We can also add some “wow factor” to your fish tanks, feature areas, spas, driveways, and entrances.

Tonghui LED Lighting has quality solutions for:

· Custom LED Lighting – specialised  LED light conversions for all sign types.

· Pool LED Lighting – our waterproof, submersible LED pool lights will change the way you view your pool offering a WOW factor & bringing the pool to life at night

· LED Landscape Lights – discover a night oasis of colour and depth in your garden with Outdoor LED lights Creating Ambience by Illumination

· Commercial LED Lighting – Stand out from the Crowd, Expose your business by night with LED high output custom signage , Let us get creative & offer you extreme marketing that STANDS OUT!.

· Compliance Lighting – Installation, Maintenance and Service.

· We are based on the qingdao city of China, and our team is passionate about manufacturing and installing high-end products that surpass client expectations every time. please contact us We’ll help you choose the correct products online.

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E-mail: info@tonghuilighting.cn

ADD: No. 1, Guiding Road, Licang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China

Tel: +86-532-80928966      +86-532-80925662


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