What are LED drivers ?

What are LED drivers ?

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What are LED drivers ?

(Summary description)What are LED drivers ?

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What are LED drivers ?


LED drivers do excatly what it sounds as if they do- that is, they drive the power that's supplied to an LED light, or to a string o LED lights connected in series, As mentioned , LEDs are very efficient-not  a lot of power is required to light them up, LEDs actually utilize direct current power -operating at a ;pw vp;tage. 2 to 4 volts -rather than alternating current power like conventional light bulbs do, Because of this, they need something that converts the AC power that comes out of your power sockets into the DC power that the lights actually run on, and that will, in addition , protect them from any power surges which risk overheating the LED an causing it to malfunction, This is basically what an LED driver does then :manage the current supplied to the LED light or lights and also act as a protective barrier against power surges and dthe like. 

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