LED configurations

LED configurations

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LED configurations

(Summary description)LED configurations

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LED configurations 


An important part of understanding the way LED drivers work is being aware of the various ways LED lights can be configured. The two most common LED configurations are in series, and parallel.

LEDs configured in series, ahve the anode(a  psoitively charged electrode)of one LED connected to the cathode(negatively charged electrode)of    another ,This ensures a single, continuous current flows through each LED h ooked up to the series or string as it is called . To keep the  entire series string running ,you need  to supply sufficient voltage for all of them. For  example, if you have a  series  of 10 LEDs each  requiring  2 volts, a total of 20  volts is needed for the series as a whole to function properly. 

The other major LED configuration is a parallel one. Here  a number of strings of LEDs are connected side by side to a  driver.  Instead of  having 50 LEDs connected by the one string, you can have 5 strings each containing   10    LEDs all lined up  parallel, Parallel configurations tend t ob e used when you want to restrict the  voltage  required to power the LED strings. 

The parallel LED string can themselves be configured into amatrix, which is where several sets of parallel LED strings are connected in series.     


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