Why Daylight Matters?

Why Daylight Matters?

  • 2020-04-10
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Why Daylight Matters?

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  • 2020-04-10
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We have evolved to expect a time-variant blue-green content in our light because light scattering causes daylight to behave so.

· The colour of the sky changes throughout the day as a result of light scattering in the atmosphere.

· The ‘spectrum’ of light reaching us changes during the day.

· We have evolved under this cycle.

Illuminance Matters

· On the left approximately 4000K colour correlated temperature (so-called neutral white), the main determinant of visual acuity is illuminance.

· Higher CCT lighting at the correct time of day primarily helps to entrain our circadian rhythm and biological responses, but there is no substitute for having enough light to assist in reading and tasks.

· Increasing evidence that illuminance is the key determinant of visual acuity and attentiveness (among many other effects) observed in human-centric lighting

· Evidence that we should significantly exceed 500 lx on desks and worktops. We didn’t dare to exceed 500 lx pre-LED, because of the energy cost. With LEDs, we can go to higher illuminance.

· When we underdrive the LEDs, we get more than the design efficacy, therefore energy savings.

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