Dimming, color sequencing

Dimming, color sequencing

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Dimming, color sequencing

(Summary description)Dimming, color sequencing

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Dimming, color sequencing

Some LED drivers can also help enable your LED lights to achieve dimming and  color sequencing  capabilities, Depending on the sort of driver you use, they can dim your LED lights all tthe way from 0 to  100 percent , or  over a much smaler dimming range, T he driver dims your LED lights by shorting the quantity of leading current that  passes through the light ,or by means of aprocess k nown as    pulse width modification.   Most   drivers taht have di mming capacities use the latter method, which comes with less flickering and clolr changes than the former. Dimming does not affect the power or performance of an  LED  light, nor does it reduce it's  lifespan-in fact, the reverse is closer to the truth , as dimming your lights lowers their temperature when turned on .                                                                                         

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