LED backlight controller tuning way

LED backlight controller tuning way

  • 2020-09-11
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LED backlight controller tuning way

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  • 2020-09-11
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LED Dimming can be divided into two kinds: PWM Dimming and Analog Dimming according to the different output current waveforms of LED. Simply put, the so-called pulse width dimming means that the output current of LED is a periodic square wave output of LED conduction and LED non-conduction, and the average current of LED can be adjusted by changing the time width of the square wave shape to achieve dimming function. Therefore, the average current value of LED can be equal to the conduction period of square wave times the maximum current, i.e., ILEDavg= Duty(%) × ILEDmax.
If the input control signal of LED dimming is taken into account, it can be classified into four configurations according to the difference of the input control signal of LED dimming and the output current waveform of LED, as shown in Table (1). These different dimming control methods are respectively applied in lighting, such as commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting and other indoor lighting requirements and display or LCD TV backlight module. System operators can choose the most competitive dimming method according to different product application specifications.

The panel back light source is using CCFL cold cathode tubes, due to the current with the brightness of the curve is not linear, so the PWM dimming control, this trend has been used to the LED backlight control, and in order to simplify the structure does not change so much, dimming input control signals would maintain use PWM dimming, adjustable frequency of the light is greater than 100 hz digital signal, the LED output current waveform is defined digital or analog PWM dimming or analog dimming.


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