LED backlighting technology: Top 10 leading edge

LED backlighting technology: Top 10 leading edge

  • 2020-09-11
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LED backlighting technology: Top 10 leading edge

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  • 2020-09-11
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As the backlight source of LCD, LED has many unique advantages compared with traditional backlight technology in addition to its advantages in color range, which can be summarized into ten aspects:


1) LED backlight has better color gamut. Its color expressive force is stronger than CCFL backlight, which can make up for the LCD technology with insufficient color quantity, and the color restoration effect is better.
2) The service life of LED can be up to 100,000 hours. Even if it is used continuously for 10 hours a day, it can be used continuously for 27 years, which greatly extends the service life of LCD TV and gives it an overwhelming advantage over plasma technology.
3) Large brightness adjustment range. LED power control is easy to implement, unlike the CCFL minimum brightness there is a threshold. Therefore, it is easy to adjust the brightness of the display device to the most pleasing state, whether in bright outdoor or all-black indoor.

4) Perfect motion picture. The flicker frequency of the traditional CCFL lamp is low, and the dynamic scene may produce a pulsating picture. LED backlight can adjust the frequency of light, and the frequency is much higher than CCFL, so it can show the motion picture perfectly.
5) Real-time color management. Because red, green and blue glow independently, it is easy to precisely control the current display color characteristics.
6) Adjustable backlight white balance, while ensuring overall contrast. When the user's video source is switched between the computer and the DVD player, the white balance can be easily adjusted between 9600K and 6500K without sacrificing brightness and contrast.
7) It can provide continuous surface array light source for large-size screen. LED is a kind of planar light source, the most basic lighting units is 3 ~ 5 mm on each side of the square after encapsulation, extremely easy to together to established area in front of the light source, has the very good brightness uniformity, if as back light liquid crystal TV, the auxiliary optical components can be done is very simple, the screen brightness uniformity.
8) Safety. LED USES 5~24V low voltage power supply, very safe, power supply module design is also quite simple.
9) Environmental protection. LED light source does not produce any radiation, and there is no toxic substances such as mercury, it can be said that green light source.
10) Earthquake resistant. The flat structure allows the LED to have a stable internal structure and excellent seismic performance.

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