What is an LED light engine?

What is an LED light engine?

  • 2020-09-12
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What is an LED light engine?

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  • 2020-09-12
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The LED Light Engine consists of an integrated combination of LED packages (components) or LED arrays (modules), LED drivers, and other photometric, thermal, mechanical, and electrical components that are connected directly to the branch circuit through a conventional connector matching the LED luminaries. Therefore, LED light engine is a device between LED lamps and LED lamps. The difference with LED lamps is that it does not contain standard lamp caps and cannot be directly connected to the branch circuit. The same with LED lamps is that they can have set light distribution and heat dissipation functions. This product can effectively improve the stability of LED indoor lamps and improve various performance parameters (such as color rendering, system light efficiency, etc.), so it is the focus of the future research and development and promotion of major LED lighting manufacturers.

How does Zhaga develop LED optical engine specifications
LED optical engine is composed of LED module and related electronic drive and control device. When Zhaga developed the specification, the LED optical engine was treated as a black box, with clear definitions for the external interfaces of the optical engine, but these external interfaces had nothing to do with the LED technology used inside the black box.

The establishment of ZHAGA standard will help prevent the market differentiation of incompatible optical engine products, so that LED lamp manufacturers can safely buy compatible LED optical engine products in the market. In addition, the establishment of the ZHAGA standard promotes technological innovation in LED lighting applications and improves the overall LED lighting industry benefits, contributing to the normative and orderly LED lighting market.


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