LED light engine and ZHAGA alliance

LED light engine and ZHAGA alliance

  • 2020-09-12
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LED light engine and ZHAGA alliance

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  • 2020-09-12
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What is an LED Light Engine?
The LED Light Engine consists of an integrated combination of LED packages (components) or LED arrays (modules), LED drivers, and other photometric, thermal, mechanical, and electrical components that are connected directly to the branch circuit through a conventional connector matching the LED luminaries. Therefore, LED light engine is a device between LED lamps and LED lamps. The difference with LED lamps is that it does not contain standard lamp caps and cannot be directly connected to the branch circuit. The same with LED lamps is that they can have set light distribution and heat dissipation functions. This product can effectively improve the stability of LED indoor lamps and improve various performance parameters (such as color rendering, system light efficiency, etc.), so it is the focus of the future research and development and promotion of major LED lighting manufacturers.

What are the promotion advantages of LED optical engine?
1. Standardized manufacturing is conducive to the promotion of LED lamps.
At present, LED lighting is booming, especially for indoor LED lighting. Almost every day, new companies join and new lamps are born. Therefore, the LED indoor lighting market is multifarious and various, which brings great inconvenience to the standardized production and promotion of indoor LED lamps. As the LED light engine is a standardized product, different LED light manufacturers can choose different LED light engines to design and produce LED light according to different applications. Especially for new into the market of LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers, only need to find a few standard LED light engine products to design your own lamps and lanterns, there is no need to worry about the problem of mass production, because the same standardized LED light engine product can choose, at the same time there are a lot of manufacturers and standardization of the LED light engine products can be very convenient for mass production.

2, reduce LED lighting manufacturers research and development costs, shorten the product production cycle.
Traditional light source of lamps and lanterns design simply involve optics and the structure is ok, but there is no standard due to the LED lighting products, so the current LED lighting manufacturers in addition to need to employ the structure and optical professionals, also need to configure the electronic, electrical, thermal and other professional personnel, thus greatly increased the burden of LED lighting manufacturers, and for new entrants to the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers formed the high threshold, is not conducive to the development of the whole LED industry. Therefore, how to effectively reduce the LED lighting research and development costs, shorten the production cycle has become a major problem in the LED industry. With the standardization of the LED light engine above problem is solved, because the LED light engine products have been considering the electronic, electrical and a radiator and a light distribution, so the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer only need to consider the lamps and lanterns structure, secondary cooling and secondary light distribution, thus greatly reducing the LED lighting lamps and lanterns of research and development costs, shorten the production cycle.

3. Improve the overall performance of LED lamps (such as luminous efficiency, color rendering and color temperature uniformity, etc.), and improve the application quality of LED lamps.
Since the LED light engine clearly specifies parameters such as output lumens, color rendering index, system luminous efficiency, color temperature uniformity, Angle width and so on for different applications, and the specified parameters have reached the highest level in the industry at present, it has greatly improved and effectively guaranteed the application quality of LED lamps.

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