Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

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Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

(Summary description)Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

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Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

3. Harnesing solar energy doesn't produce pollution,But the solar panel manufactruing and installation processes are still flaw  e d , so they do have some negative impact on the  environment.

4.Solar panels work best and produce the most energy when in direct sunlight,However, t hey are still able to work in the partial sun, Meaning that even on cloudy days and during the winter solar panels are still generating energy.

5. Solar powetr is the cle a  nest,and most sustainable resource in the world.

6.In many states, you areallowed tosell any excess solar energy you produce .So not only areyou saving money on your energy bills, you can even make money fromthe excess solar power you d onot chew up.

 7 . The first silicon solar panel was built in  1954at BEll Laboratories by Darylchapin Calvin Fuller, and Gearldpearson,During their demonstration, the poweered a toy Ferris wheel and  aradio transmitter.


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