HVLEDs light engine system solution

HVLEDs light engine system solution

  • 2020-09-14
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HVLEDs light engine system solution

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  • 2020-09-14
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The HVLEDs light engine system scheme is composed of HVLEDs light bulb board, annular built-in constant current power supply or external constant current power supply, and optical engine standard housing (Figure 4). The structure is very simple, made into a standard part in accordance with international standards, any lamp factory can be used to assemble LED lamps, anyone can DIY replacement repair of faulty LED lamps.
The real object of THE HVLEDs optical engine is shown in Figure 5, which is a kind of lamp bead board with the HVLEDs bound to the aluminum substrate in the inner ring of the engine, and the outer ring is a circular power board (Figure 6). The external power supply is generally made in the rectangular shape of the embedded downlight power supply.

vHigh voltage constant-current drive power supply chip
Linear driver chip may be one of the better solutions for HVLEDs constant current drive power supply. The EXC100 is one of the more desirable chips, but it is too expensive to buy in China and expensive to make GM's optical engines. In recent years, China's local IC design level has been improved, and has a good cost performance and market competitiveness, to provide downstream manufacturers can be used in the production of technical solutions and technical support is relatively in place. BP5108 is a new linear power supply chip specially designed and produced for HVLEDs.
BP5108 is a high-precision linear constant-current LED control chip, mainly used to drive high-voltage, low-current LED lamp strings or modules powered by mains power. Because the application circuit does not need electrolytic capacitors and magnetic elements, LED drive power supply can achieve small size, long life, and meet EMI regulations. BP5108 adopts the patented input voltage sampling and LED driving mechanism to change the number of LED lights connected when the input voltage changes. Therefore, it can increase the time for LED to be lit in the whole AC cycle, thus improving the interest rate of LED and the total output lumens. In order to adapt to different LED lamp series forward voltage drop or different mains voltage (110V, 220V), the switching voltage of the lamp series can be set flexibly through the voltage resistance of the external part. And when the input is connected to the thyristor dimmer, there is no need to add additional components, and the LED brightness can be adjusted by changing the dimmer's Angle of cutting.


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