Difference between integral design and modular design

Difference between integral design and modular design

  • 2020-09-14
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Difference between integral design and modular design

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  • 2020-09-14
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1. Integral Design
The integral design takes "optimizing" product as the main goal, and its product function relationship is relatively complex, which basically corresponds to entity components in a non-one-to-one way, and components have interfaces to match each other. The design of components and component interfaces is established in the process of repeated optimization, and the product structure is defined after the optimization of product design is completed. Because components match each other by interfaces, any functional change will require several components to be changed simultaneously, and because the design process of components is not flexible, product diversification is difficult to achieve.
Modular Design
The functions of the modular design product structure correspond to the physical components in a one-to-one way, and the components' indirect interfaces match each other. And components are designed under a complete (specific, standardized) interface structure, thus allowing engineers to design in a simultaneous, autonomous, and decentralized manner. Furthermore, the module architecture allows specific components to be shipped in different products in a standardized way. As the surrounding components change, the individual components do not need to change.
Therefore, the design strategy of modular design is to combine functional operation related components into a single module according to the product architecture in the process of product design and development. By analyzing the correlation and working procedure between components, the interface needed for combination is designed and the optimal module configuration mode is determined:
Modules are standard, independent, and replaceable units. The goal is to reduce the complexity of the product structure, minimize the uncertainty and complexity of the product development process, and make the use of manufacturing or assembly resources more efficient.
-- It can be applied to different products and share the same module, which can shorten the product development cycle TI

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