Pond Downlighting Ideas.

Pond Downlighting Ideas.

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Pond Downlighting Ideas.

(Summary description)Pond Downlighting Ideas.

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Pond Downlighting   Ideas.


One of the best ways to light a water feature is with lights above it.  Placing several key downlight fixtures on nearby treees,posts or buildings can give your  pond a very natural -like lighting at night,These lights can be eightewr white, blue or  yellow,  or even a more un orthodox color-whatever you prefer and w hatever your pond's  designs would benefit the most from. 

What's also great about this option is that the lights and  all their wiring are not in  contact with the water  or the pond's base in any way-  they are a completely separate fixture and you can even place more of the same lights elsewhere around your garden and property to light other non-water fixtures.


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