HVLEDs will quickly enter LED lighting in 2012

HVLEDs will quickly enter LED lighting in 2012

  • 2020-09-18
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HVLEDs will quickly enter LED lighting in 2012

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  • 2020-09-18
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In 2012, HVLEDs is expected to enter LED lighting quickly. Thanks to the introduction of MOCVD in recent years, China soon has the nuclear "core" technology of LED lighting. With the mass production of MOCVD, domestic LED light source chips will flow into the market continuously. LCD TV (TV) backlight, NOTEBOOK computer (NB) backlight and LED lighting will be rapidly increased. The cost performance of electronic products determines the capacity of the market. The relationship between price and the market is that every time the price drops a bit, the market will grow into a square, showing a pyramid rule completely.
Compared with the general low-voltage and high-current working environment of low-voltage and high-current LED chipsets (HVLEDs), the heating during HVLEDs operation is significantly reduced. HVLEDs only need linear constant-current source to work well. High-voltage linear constant-current source has no transformer and no electrolytic capacitor. The problems troubling the driving power life of low-voltage LED and the life of electrolytic capacitor can be solved easily.

The manufacturers of HVLEDs are supporting high voltage linear constant-current source power. They will launch the "HVLEDs+ High voltage linear constant-current source" kit to the market in early 2012 for downstream LED lamp assembly and production of LED lamps.
At present, the production cost and selling price of HVLEDs may be 20% more expensive than LVLED with the same number of W, but with the development of technology and the expansion of production capacity, the cost will further fall, while LVLED has little room to fall. The cost of HVLEDs' drive power is much cheaper than LVLED's switching constant current power. The two are likely to balance out for the time being, and in the long run HVLEDs will be cheaper. Perhaps HVLEDs lamps will give us a very good price-performance ratio, and the price of the whole lamp is close to the purchasing power of the common people a good opportunity, this market is massive.


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